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As members of AREEA (Asian Real Estate Association of America), we have immersed ourselves in gaining knowledge and insight to successfully cater to our honored overseas clientele. Our agents attended the Sotheby's Global Summit in Hong Kong as well as  the Asian Global Real Estate Summit held in Chicago. We have fostered relationships with Asian Realtors, developers, investors, business and community leaders.
Services: We have also gathered the finest team of high-end vendors to assist us in thoroughly servicing our overseas clientele who come to the Los Angeles area to purchase real estate. Below is a partial list of our providers:
1)  Helicopter Services 直升機服務:  We have established relationships with a select group of Los Angeles area helicopter services, so the clients can view prospective properties from the air. This is an incredible tool, as it very clearly shows a client the topography of our city and allows us to target certain areas if desired. A specialized navigation system we access while airborne allows us to access data on all properties within range, even if the properties are not on the market.  Seeing property from the air is a highly effective, very exciting way to look at real estate!
2)  Limousine Services 豪華轎車接送服務 and Personal Shoppers 個人購物 of the highest caliber are at the ready.
3)  Luxury Global Concierge Service: 豪華全球禮賓服務 Our relationship with a very high end Luxury Global Concierge Service allows us to aid in securing hotels, restaurant reservations, travel, etc, for our clients' extra needs while they are here.
4)  Established Banking Services: 建立銀行服務 We have solid relationships with Established Banks 中文翻譯 who can work closely with Asian buyers and understand the specific needs and challenges for non-US residents.
5)  Mandarin Speaking Translators: Translators who are familiar with the specifics of real estate transactions are available at all times for our clients.
6)  EB Financing Resources: Knowledgeable leaders in EB Lending can guide you through the process of financing your purchase.

7)  Commercial Real Estate Partners: If your interests are more commercial than residential, East West Real Estate Specialists and our commercial partners can coordinate the purchase of anything from multi-family properties to huge commercial developments.

8)  Legal and Accounting Partners: Reliable resources in the fields of Law and Accounting can handle all of your legal and tax questions and provide you with any information you may need to increase confidence in your purchase decision.
9)  Travel Planning: Our liaison with the top agents in the Los Angeles Travel Industry assures that our clients receive the best in travel services.
10) Event Planning: Let our award-winning event services colleagues assist you with almost any event you want to arrange for your business partners, family or friends while here in the United States.
11) Decorating Experts: Los Angeles' most highly-acclaimed decorators can help you design your new property to your tastes and specifications.
12) Property Management: Our skilled Property Management Partners can manage your property whether no matter where you live.

13) Sotheby's Lifestyle and Brand  蘇富比拍賣行的生活方式和品牌 It is our goal to provide not only access to wonderful properties for our clients, but also to ensure that their experience with us compliments the values of the Sotheby's lifestyle brand - Class, Cachet, Attention to Detail, High-End Service and Luxury Living 類,聲望,注重細節、 高端服務業和奢華生活。 


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