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GWEN BANTA - A.R.E.A.A., C.A.R., N.A.R., B.H.G.L.A.A.R., N.A.G.L.R.E.P., F.H.E.O

·本塔 (Gwen Banta) 是从业16年的金牌房地产经纪人。她专注于洛杉矶地区的住宅及商业地产,范围包括好莱坞、贝弗利山庄、世纪城西木区格温于2013成立了华美置业顾问公司(East West Real Estate Specialists),旨在满足中国买家在洛杉矶、橙县和圣盖博地区的投资置业需求。作为美国亚洲地产协会(Asian Real Estate Association of America,简称“AREAA”)成员、苏富比国际地产顶级制作人,常前往亚洲宣讲,将最新的美国房产投资信息带给她可爱的亚洲朋友们

Exceptional service, Gwen's driving force, is a value she learned early in her business career as owner of a speakers' bureau for corporate executives. When a client gave a seminar on property acquisition, Gwen became hooked on real estate and the art of the deal. After entering the business as an investor, Gwen relocated to Los Angeles and became a licensed real estate consultant with a major company. Within one year she received awards for outstanding performance, including Top Producer, Executive Club and 100% Club awards.

In January 2009, Gwen joined Sotheby's International Realty, where she is now a top producer at the company's renowned Sunset Strip office. Her business includes luxury sales and estates, as well as income properties, serving clients in the Hollywood Hills, Laurel Canyon, Beverly Hills, Westside L.A., Studio City and Sherman Oaks. Dubbed "L.A.'s Sherlock of Homes" by her loyal clients, Gwen is known for her honesty, intelligence, ethics and wild sense of humor. She is often seen on TV on such shows as Flip That House, Million Dollar Rooms and Behind the Gates. Gwen is a featured blogger for numerous professional websites and has many loyal followers. She was just named one of Trulia's Top Agents for 2014. http://www.GwenBanta.com/

 卓越的服務, 是 Gwen 從早期作企業高管的業務生涯學到的.進入房地產業之後, Gwen 最初是一個投資者,直到搬到洛杉磯之後,Gwen成為房地產顧問。在一年之內,她開始接受頂許多頂尖房地產專家傑出表現獎。在 2009 年 1 月,Gwen加入Sotheby’s 國際 房地產 公司,她現在是著名的日落大道辦公室最有名的房地產專家。她的業務包括買賣豪華住宅和收入房地產

Gwen是談判的能手和市場行銷全球的專家。被她忠誠的客戶戲稱為"洛杉磯的夏洛克的家園",Gwen的真誠、 智慧、 道德和幽默感 使她出名。她經常出現在電視節目 “Flip That House”, “Million Dollar Rooms”, “Extreme Homes” and “Behind the Gates。Gwen也是眾多專業網站的熱門的博客。屢獲殊榮的女演員和作者,Gwen 持有學士學位和碩士學位,以及從國防語言學院的語言證書


Excellent communication and negotiation skills became the fundamental cornerstones to Tory Herald’s highly successful 20 year career as a respected Hollywood Casting Director. Today in Real Estate, she enlists those same essential and vital qualities to ensure the goals of her buyers and sellers. Throughout both careers, Tory’s boundless energy, her keen insight into her client’s needs, her ability to think outside the box and her meticulous follow-through have been paramount to her success and the success she brings to her clientele. Just has she delivered the ideal “Star” to her Producers in search of “the one”, today she delights in become that integral part of assisting her clients secure their dream home or their perfect sale.

Born in Europe, Tory moved to Los Angeles with her family when she was a young girl. She completed her primary education in West Los Angeles and is a graduate of UCLA. Her comprehensive knowledge of the local real estate market is unparalleled, allowing Tory to provide unsurpassed service to her discerning clientele locally, regionally and globally.   http://ToryHerald.com/

良好的溝通和談判技巧成為 非常成功的20年職業生涯. 一個受人尊敬的好萊塢的導演。今天,在房地,她 應用 相同的 原則來 確保她的買家和賣家的目標。在整個職業生涯 的無窮的精力,她的敏地洞察到她的客的需求,她 的能力, 的獨立思考,和她的 貫徹到底帶來了 她和她的客

的成功。她協助她的客 找到 他們的夢想家園. 誕生於歐洲. 她與她的家人搬到洛杉磯時,她是一個 小女 。她在西部洛杉磯完成了她的 主要的 教育. 加州大學 洛杉磯分校 畢業 的。她給她的客在本地,區域和全球提供





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